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JPJ Phone Number Malaysia

"The Road Transport Department was established in 1937 under the Traffic Enactment 1937, a British military law in the Federated Malay States. Known then as the Road Transport Board, it governed and licensed public industries. However, with the creation of the administration of Malaya in April 1946, the powers of the board were taken over by the Motor Vehicles Registry and Inspection Office, which covered the whole of Malaya.

Prior to 1937, motor vehicles were under the control of 4 Federated Malay States, i.e. the Perak and Selangor Police, Negeri Sembilan Chief Inspector and 6 district officers in Pahang. Motor vehicles were not regulated in the Unfederated Malay States until the Traffic Enactment 1937 was passed.
With the establishment of the department, the Road Traffic Ordinance 1953 was passed to replace the Traffic Enactment 1937. Realising the importance of enforcing the new law, especially against commercial vehicles, an Enforcement Division was set up.

On 1 April 1946, the Road Transport Department was set up to co-ordinate all aspects relating to transport for the entire country. Various laws relating to road transport were also formulated such as the Road Traffic Ordinance 1958 and Road Transport Act 1987. These were aimed at streamlining the country’s transport laws besides serving as platforms for the RTD to carry out its responsibilities. As the national transport system progressed rapidly in the 1980s, the RTD became increasingly burdened with numerous responsibilities. Thus, a restructuring of the department was undertaken to enhance its efficiency in line with the needs of the time. Several new divisions with their respective functions were created, and various innovations were introduced to enhance the quality of service. The 1990s saw tremendous progress in the department as it responded positively to the demands of the transport system. --Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan"

JPJ Hotline:
Monday - Friday
7:30am - 5:30am
Tel: 03-8888 4244


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Anonymous Alice

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